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The Deep
Take Project.

Stories. Connections. Conversations That Heal.


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Sample Podcast (Episode 1)

Sample Podcast (Episode 1)

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Juliana Pedri: I Hear Things Some People May Not Pick Up On

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Your Host.

Hi there, Mya here – the creator of The Deep Take Project. As a kid, I grew up to the sound of my grandmother’s typewriter. She was a journalist, a hardworking one too. For years, I watched her tap away at black and silver keys and read through newspapers as if it were second nature to her. Her love for storytelling inspired me. Years later, I enrolled in my first journalism class in 2017 and fell in love. In 2020, I graduated with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. My love for storytelling has taken me on adventures in my own city and in different countries. More importantly, it has led me to meaningful conversations that have helped me heal. I love traveling to foreign places, sitting in new coffee shops, writing, salsa dancing. Anywhere there is soul and drama —I’m IN.